Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips to improving drawing. -Gesture Drawing

I feel I've acquired enough information to help those who wish to improve themselves. And I want to share.

My own venture into drawing was rocky at first. I would get bored, I wouldn't know what to draw, or how to improve. It was upsetting. I wanted someone to tell me what to do. So of course I start researching how to get better.

I looked for what to do draw, how to draw, and how to improve. After numerous blogs/forums/websites, it dawned on me. Draw! Draw! Draw! Everything and anything! Drawing is like everything else in the world, it's a skill that takes practice. Unless you are gifted with liquid hand movements and an unparalleled memory for shape and form you need to draw, draw, draw!

OK, you say. Draw what? For the beginner, I would suggest first gesture drawing. Quick speedy gesture drawings. What is gesture drawing you ask? I'll let handle this. In short, it's quick short drawings. Drawings where you just try to knock out the shape, and you ignore the small details. WHY? Because it allows you to build confidence in your drawings. Strong, sexy lines that give the viewer the impression you know what you are doing.

But what do I draw?! Although gesture drawing is best with people or animals, it can be applied to anything. One could quickly gesture draw anything within eye sight. It's about training yourself. Being able to look at objects and recreating that shape in a short time (for me it was 30 second drawings). Some issues that might pop up are accuracy. I would suggest not to dwell on it. Take a quick glance at it, look for the errors and think about how to improve, then move on to another drawing (could be the same object).

More to come in the future! Keep on doodlin.

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