Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Samurai Schoolgirl Process

I used a photo reference.

I was looking for mainly a nude piece, and this picture was just too cool to pass up.

I quickly rendered the background using a soft brush. Once I knocked that out I started the line work.

I took my time with it, making sure nothing was too out of place, but I also didn't dwell on it. (I do this sometimes, when I can't get it perfect)

Next, I made a New Layer beneath the line work and filled it with color (also set the Layer settings to Multiply). The purpose was to not disturbed the line work, and instead use it as a guide for the painting. I started with some darker tones and built them up with lighter tones using a soft brush. I tried not to worry about the perfect color, but focused on the tones, and trying to give the shape volume.

Next I flattened the image WITH the outlines. I would usually hide the line work, but I just flattened the whole SoB together (minus the background, I left that untouched).

The last image I shaved off the black lines using the eraser tool attempting to achieve the same shape as the reference.

Note I bolded some elements a quick reader might want to just glance over to get the gist of.

I'm not finished of course, but I wanted to explain the process I went through while it was fresh in my head.

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