Monday, November 26, 2012

Setting new goals and still doodling onward

I've been attempting to clean up my digital painting for a year or so now and its still a struggle. At first it was adjusting to the tablet itself and creating smooth lines, now it's moved on to smooth and clean rendering. So what do I do? Digital paint more obviously, but I had to set some goals.

I've learned through rigorous practice you can improve. It shows clearly in my older work. So with that knowledge I set myself up with a goal of 100 portraits. By the 100th one it can't be that bad right? One way to find out! 

I also gave myself a few guidelines. No more than an hour on each piece, unless I felt like it was going somewhere interesting. Mix colored portraits and grey scale. And most importantly really look at my work and decide what I like and what needs work and try to recall that information for every new piece.

And so it begins.

 The first was my warm up and the second was my hour+ piece. I used photo references from the internet. :D

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