Monday, May 28, 2012

A habit is formed!

Sorry for the wall of text (that I doubt anyone reads LOL), but I thought I'd share.

It occurred to me the other day I must have built a solid drawing habit.

I've been for the past year or so trying to refine my pencil skills. Every other day I would draw for a little bit, until I got bored and well over the duration of a year I've up that substantially (2-4 hours a day) and tossed in some acrylic and digital painting. What made me realize recently that my habit was pretty well set, is while in the process of making breakfast, I was doodling. I don't recall ever doing this, I usually focus on the breakfast and maybe browse reddit while waiting on the food. 

I've also made drawing a daily thing. Not just during set parts of the day, but throughout the day. 

I crave picking up a pencil or pen sometimes. It's quite an awesome feeling.

Another noteworthy item to mention is my traditional drawing has improved my digital drawing. The tablet was a small fence to jump, but once I got comfortable with the pen and how to utilize the shortcuts, everything fell into place.

Here's a doodle for an upcoming  C.o.W!

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